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As one of the most recognizable figures on a commercial airline flight, flight attendants play an important role in ensuring passengers’ safety and comfort. Along with that, the job of a flight attendant also comes with multiple benefits, especially for those who prefer flexibility in their work schedule. In this article, we will discuss the qualifications, training, and benefits of being a part-time flight attendant.

Qualifications for Being a Part Time Flight Attendant

While the exact qualifications for being a part-time flight attendant can vary depending on the airline, there are some general requirements to keep in mind. Age requirements typically range from 18 to 21 years old, depending on the airline. Language requirements include fluency in English and sometimes proficiency in additional languages depending on the airline’s routes. Physical requirements include meeting a certain height and weight range, good eyesight, and the ability to pass a medical exam. Education requirements often include having a high school diploma or equivalent. It’s important to check with each individual airline for specific requirements.
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Training for Being a Part Time Flight Attendant

Before beginning work as a part-time flight attendant, candidates must complete a rigorous training program that typically lasts for several weeks. This training includes safety procedures, such as how to operate safety equipment on the aircraft and how to respond to emergency situations. Customer service training covers how to effectively communicate with passengers and how to handle difficult situations with professionalism. Finally, emergency procedures training includes how to handle situations such as fires, medical emergencies, and evacuations. Completing this training is a critical step in becoming a part-time flight attendant and ensuring that you are prepared for all aspects of the job.
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Benefits of Being a Part Time Flight Attendant

Being a part-time flight attendant comes with several benefits, including flexible schedules, which can be perfect for students or those with other job commitments. Additionally, part-time flight attendants get to enjoy travel opportunities, including discounted or even free flights on their airline and in some cases, discounts on partner airlines. Working as a part-time flight attendant also allows for better work/life balance as opposed to a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. Overall, being a part-time flight attendant allows for a unique work experience with perks that extend beyond just a typical paycheck.
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Salary of a Part Time Flight Attendant

The salary of a part-time flight attendant varies depending on the airline, union agreements, and the number of hours worked. Flight attendants are typically paid on an hourly basis, with starting rates ranging from approximately $15 to $20 per hour. In addition to their hourly wage, part-time flight attendants may also receive per diem pay, which is a daily allowance for meals and incidental expenses. The per diem rate can vary but often ranges from $1.50 to $2.50 per hour. While the starting salary may not be high, part-time flight attendants often receive additional benefits such as healthcare, 401(k) plans, and other employee perks.


Becoming a part-time flight attendant can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In summary, the qualifications may include age, language proficiency, physical health, and education requirements, while the training covers safety, customer service, and emergency procedures. The benefits of being a part-time flight attendant include a flexible schedule, travel opportunities, and better work/life balance. Although the starting hourly wage may not be competitive, part-time flight attendants may receive additional benefits and employee perks. If you are passionate about aviation and enjoy working with people, we encourage you to explore opportunities to become a part-time flight attendant. It can be a fun and fulfilling career, offering unique experiences and benefits that extend beyond the job itself.

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