Do Checked Bags Get Scanned?

Baggage Reclaim
Baggage Reclaim

Have you ever wondered what happens to your checked baggage once you leave them at check-in? Let’s take a look at how airports scan checked bags for any illegal thing inside them.

Yes, checked bags do get scanned once you check them in. The checked bags get scanned the same way as your carry on bags. They are loaded onto conveyor belts and then scanned by x-rays to check the contents inside. If suspicious items are in the bag, security guards at the airport may go through your bags and look for the suspicious item. After the scan, your luggage will proceed and then be transferred to the plane.

Airport scanners can identify almost anything in bags of passengers by creating precise images that security officers, who are trained to identify all prohibited items quickly, will inspect.

This covers metal and non-metallic items, organic and inorganic substances, and items like illegal substances.

Thanks to their highly sophisticated technology, modern airport scanners can scan everything in your luggage, anything a person tries to hide or conceal.

What happens to your checked bags once you leave them?

These are the steps a checked bag goes through after dropping it off at the counter.

When you check your bags, you weigh them before handing them to the airport. After the bag has been checked, the airline personnel will transfer it to conveyor belts where it goes through the next stage of its journey: security.

We have already mentioned that an x-ray machine will scan the checked bag, and its contents will be analyzed by security. If any of the items are found to be suspicious by security guards and are deemed suspicious, the bag will be checked and cleared before then transferred to the next step.

After your luggage has been cleared through security, it is escorted and transferred onto the plane. Then, it will be left within the aircraft until your flight is completed. After landing on the ground, your luggage will be removed and returned to the airport to pick up or transfer directly to the plane you will connect to.

Do Checked Bags Get Searched For Drugs?

Not all checked bags will be searched, but they may randomly search yours.

On average, just one out of 10 bags checked is searched by airport security personnel.

For instance, airport security officers can check a bag to find explosive materials such as lithium batteries. They may also check an unchecked bag if they find any suspiciously-shaped objects.

Suppose a security guard discovers the presence of drugs in a checked bag. In that case, they will notify the owner of the bag and the authorities.

In the end, airport scanners can see everything within your body and bags. They will also look through your luggage and detect any hidden objects under your clothes or bags.

What Happens To Checked Bags On Connecting Flights?

You will discover that most of the time, the baggage you check in will be handled and moved from the first plane to your next. If you’re not asked to check in again on your next flight, the airline will make sure that your luggage is checked through until your final point of departure.

This means that if you get off your first flight, you are not required to wait around for your luggage and then check it again later. Rather, you only need to locate your gate for the next flight.

If the airline you are connecting with is not part of an agreement with the airline you flew with, you may need to take your baggage and check it back in.

How Does the Airport Lose Baggage or Luggage?

Hundreds of bags are processed at airports each day, and bags are normal to be lost. Sometimes, you’ll arrive at your destination, and your luggage won’t be in the right place.

But, if you make sure that you’ve put tags with your contact information and personal details on both the inside and outside of your bag, you will have better chances of reconnecting with the case.

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